Boat interiors – Working with beautiful walnut wood

If luxury is your thing then choosing a beautiful wood such as walnut wood furnish the interior of your boat may just be the perfect choice. In recent years Maritime and boot manufacturers have moved away from the minimalist modern designs that were coming into fashion in the 90’s and have instead now opted final classic wouldn’t feel, with woods such as walnut, solid oak and other stylish grains making a real comeback.

These words are often worked into the interior of a boat in various different ways, Walmart isn’t the cheapest of woods and there so depending on a person’s budget it tends to be used sparingly. You may find walnut wood acted as if finishing touch to redesign and being one of its main features, that being said it has become increasingly fashionable to make things such as wooden bed frames and tables from it too.

walnut wood boat

Why is walnut wood such a good choice for furniture?

The growing trend of using Walnut wood isn’t reserved to luxury boats, it seemed somewhat of a resurgence throughout the decorating industry. Coming from a carpentry background myself, I can honestly say that I am working more frequently with this building material. The reason for the gain in popularity is quite simply because it is a beautiful hardwood to work with, it has many properties that are desirable to manufacturers and buyers alike.

Weather in ships or boats are common place to find Walnut being used is in solid walnut floors, these are often scratch resistant and a very heavy wearing making them perfect for the task. The most popular variety of the material to be used for this purpose is American black walnut which offers rich and dark qualities. For those on a tighter budget walnut flooring laminate is also a viable option, the look is close but no substitute for the real wood.

Is a shiplap clad boat the next trend

For years what whilst running my own small boat rental shack I came to understand the profound effect that the design had upon the number of customers that I would gain. When of the first things that I did when I opened up my rental shop was to ensure that it looked good, I achieved this by using shiplap cladding from some old salvaged wood but I managed to find nearby. I chose to use a shiplap clad style because it allows the placing of nonuniform hardwood planks together in such a way that not only waterproofs it wooden wall without requiring a hardwood panel but it also gives a very professional look.

As my rental shop got a little more popular, I decided to have a professional job done. The style that I chose remain the same however, I instead opted for it treated shiplap clad look, the kind that you may find when looking for shiplap cladding for sheds. And Now it is important to remember when considering the style for yourself that your choice of wood is very important, not simply for the look and feel of you cladding but also because of the properties that different woods have to offer.

What type of wood should I use on my shiplap clad wall?

A shiplap clad wall typically has a number of functions. If you are planning a wall purely to achieve you certainly look, the type of wood that you choose may not be as important as when the wall is an important structural feature. An example of this is, I would not choose to use a softwood for a structural wall that is subject to a lot of weathering, equally if I was decorating and interior then choosing a hardwood that’s going to be able to weather the elements isn’t as important. As a rule of thumb, generally most kinds of timber cladding can be used internally in a building.

shiplap clad

The same is generally true for decorating boots to, if your shiplap cladding is going on the inside then you generally have a free choice what type of wood it is that you use.