We set up this website because we observed that there were a lot of people that were struggling with money. We feel that this is something that is not necessary and needs to be fixed. Part of the reason is because many of us have had no formal education about finance and therefore have just had to muddle our way through without knowing what we should really do. This means that we make mistakes, but we do not know how to rectify them because no one has ever taught us. Therefore, we wanted address this and therefore set up this website so that we could provide useful information that we hope will help everyone to be able to manage their money better. We have put together a small series of articles which we hope will be a useful launchpad for everyone to start thinking harder about their money. We hope that it will encourage them to take better care of their money in the future and also help them realise that it does not have to be complicated and that they can find lots of useful information to help them. Then we hope they will expand their knowledge by looking at more resources too.