Is it Better to Shop in the Cheapest Places?

If we are trying to be frugal and reduce how much we are spending, then we may tend to find the cheapest shops to shop in. This logically would seem like the best way to reduce the amount of money that we spend. However, we do need to be careful because we may find that we do not end up spending any less for a number of reasons.

Everything Seems so Cheap we Decide to Buy Lots of Things

When we go into a cheap shop we might be really taken in by all of the cheap items. We may see bargain after bargain and decide to snap up everything that we think is a really good price. Although this sounds like it could be a sensible idea, as it is cheap, it often is not. We need to make sure that we are only buying items that we really need. This means that we need to have a list and stick to it. Otherwise we could end up buying all sorts of things and find that we are actually spending more than we would in a more expensive shop. If it is a supermarket then we could end up buying so much food that we will not be able to eat it before it goes off. Even if it is not, we need to keep in mind that we will not need everything that we see and we need to be restrained in what we are buying.

We Feel That as we are Spending Less that Justifies us Buying More

We may look at the prices and feel that because it is cheap, so we are paying less for each item, then we can buy more things for the same price. Although this could end up with us spending the same amount of money, it may mean that we get a lot of things that we do not really need or want. If we pay less per item, buy the same amount of items and spend less, this makes sense. If we buy more and spend the same money, then we need to question whether it is worth it. If we end up spending more money than normal then we will know that this is not a good idea if we are doing it to try to reduce what we spend.

The Shops are not Actually Cheaper

Sometimes shops that seem like they will be cheaper are not. It could be that they are selling items that are smaller or that they are only cheaper on some products and not all of them. This means that we need to check really carefully to make sure that we are not paying more than we think we are. It could be that the specific items that we are buying are not that cheap so do make sure that you price check carefully.

The Items Give Poor Value for Money so we have to Replace them more Often

When we buy cheap items it can be the case that they will not be such good quality. This will very much depend on what the items are that we are buying. Sometimes, we will find that clothing that is cheap is not made to last or perhaps cheap food does not taste as good. It is not always the case, sometimes we just pay extra for the brand name and find that the quality is no better. It is therefore wise to be wary and look carefully at the products. If you are spending a significant amount of money on a product then you might want to do some research and read some reviews first.

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